Friday, March 13, 2009

Hi-Ho, The Derry-o, The Farmer is a Belle

I do a lot of the outside chores around the homestead here, and there are ways of doing things that are either required by the task at hand or the implements being used for it, or that are based on good procedures I've discovered for performing the work. I try to teach Sue these things and especially why I do them or how the things involved work so that she understands those and can perform them herself if I am not around, not in a robotic way just following directions, but in a way where she can analyze a situation and respond properly.

One of thing things I thought would be good for her to know, and might be fun for her to do at the same time, is drive the tractor in delivering hay to our animals:

And so, here is the fun in action! (Please be careful with the volume; it's often a little loud.)

We are thankful again to the Lord for granting us the resources to feed our animals and perform these duties around the homestead, and I am thankful for the wonderful and willing to learn help meet He has granted me.

-- David


Unknown said...

That does look like fun! LOL!

Do you not have any greenery anywhere? Are you all in the desert? Just curious...


David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi Ginny,

Well, it's still winter time, but things typically get green in the Spring.

-- David

Anonymous said...

I just love to drive our tractor too. My husband taught me how to use it and I'm so grateful. When I need to I can just hop on it and away I go.

Anonymous said...

Great job Susan! You must have had good instruction....(wink). We were still baling with small square bales piled on a flatbed wagon when I last drove a tractor for haying, so that stabbing the big bale procedure I've never done....but it looks fun! How long do two round bales feed the herd (and how many beef are in the herd?). Just curious. Praise God for your recent rain. Thanks for sharing.


David and Susan Sifford said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Beth, during the Winter time we have put out 2 round bales a week for 15 or so, although not all of them are adults. I'm not sure of the latest total count of all the cattle -- 18ish maybe?

-- David

Anonymous said...

You go girl...... Hope all is well.