Saturday, May 23, 2009

Providence's Perpetuation Provisions: New Calf "Lajoya"

The Lord by His graces and mercies saw fit to allow a calf to be born three or four days ago to one of our heifers, Tiara. Please meet our new heifer calf Lajoya, which in Spanish as two words (la joya) means "the jewel" -- a jewel being something that might come from a tiara. :) :

Tiara is the little calf you see walking next to her mother Amistosa in the first picture of our blog post introducing the cattle. And now with Tiara having her first calf, Lajoya is the first grandcalf from one of Sue's and my cows.

Here is a video of her just a day or two after being born. We've seen her prancing around in the morning and evening, and so I think daytime is sleepy time:

We thank God once again for His gracious provisions and blessings!

-- David

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Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! Can't wait to see all your new additions.