Thursday, July 12, 2012

A House - Update XVIII - Porch Roof - Update I

With the metal completed on the main roof of the house, it was on to finishing the porch roof.

Here is the beginning of one side, with the #30 tar paper (asphalt felt) in place:

House Porch Roof Metal on Tar Paper

And a completed side:

House Porch Roof Metal Side Complete

Here are the beginnings of the hip corner. The person helping us just used a metal blade on a circular saw to make the cuts (with face protection in place!):

House Porch Roof Metal Hip Roof Complete

And then the hip corner complete:

House Porch Roof Metal Hip Roof

This is the upper flashing on the right porch side, the top part of the flashing to go underneath the siding, and includes fitted foam underneath. The bottom drip edge we did like we did for the main roof:

House Porch Roof Metal Top Flashing

Here is the hip ridge cap installed. It too has special angle-cut fitted foam under it:

House Porch Roof Metal Hip Roof Ridge Cap

And here is what it looks like against the corner of the house:

House Porch Roof Metal Hip Roof Ridge Cap Corner Against the House

And here it all is with the metal, flashing and hip ridge caps in place, and with the fascia plates painted:

House Porch Roof Metal Complete

We are very thankful to the Lord for Him granting continued progress on the house.

-- David


Michael Bunker said...

Cool! Great pics and info.


David and Susan Sifford said...

Thanks Mr. Bunker, and thanks for saying hello.

-- David