Monday, January 14, 2013

David's Digest: Into the W1CK of Things

This is a book review for our teacher Michael Bunker and a new writing partner Chris Awalt's latest fictional work called "W1CK." It centers around one's man's journey to try to escape what he believes are the prisons of his life in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, even literally, with him traveling to try to get to a place he has outside of New York City. Along the way, he faces decisions and hardships, with people and nature, as the world around him is beginning to collapse and changing into one only some imagine and most wouldn't want to think about.

Without getting into the actual story line beyond that, W1CK is a nice mix of being literary and descriptive, with beneficial information and philosophy, with mystery and hidden meanings, and with intense situations. While the more literary part was slower to me, I can appreciate the art work behind it, even the well-done poetry; and the intense situations were *quite* intense. The book contains preparedness ideas, and information about political forces in the world the reader might not have been aware of. It's intriguing, sets a beginning foundation as a prequel to Mr. Bunker's book "The Last Pilgrims" although based on very potential true-to-life scenarios of current reality, and sets up for the continuation of the prequel saga.

Different from other books by Mr. Bunker, there is a noticeable absence of an external God-influence in the characters and story, although my guess is that's on purpose, perhaps in order to show a more stark difference later. I also found interesting what seemed to me to be the idea of how the world can often keep someone trapped in its prisons, even when they are seemingly honestly trying to escape.

The book is very well-written and interesting!

Here is a book trailer:

For more information about the book, please visit, and here you can see the reviews for the pre-released Kindle version of W1CK.

If you plan to, please purchase their book at on January 18, 2013!

-- David

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