Monday, April 8, 2013

David's Digest: Exodus Marks the Plot

This is short book review for Michael Bunker and Chris Awalt's third volume in their W1CK series, W1CK 3: Exodus. W1CK 3 picks up right where Wick 2: The Charm School left off, and follows the several sets of escapees from W1CK 2 as they make their ways to "wherever" -- some with plans, some not. Their biggest/most dangerous obstacles end up being others trying to do the same thing -- most of them ill-prepared, uneducated (in this type of situation), and desperate. It continues to be an interesting story, with good character development, surprising situations, preparedness information, and thought-provoking ideas, all tied into modern-day, relevant situations.

The book, once again, is well written, well told, picturesque, and exciting; and it really starts to pick up steam in the end. In looking at the entire W1CK series, it reminds me of a funnel, where things start out seemingly slower, and then build and intensify as you get nearer the spout end, finally rushing through it. To me, the end of W1CK 3 is where you just start to get shot into the funnel's spout, where I figure W1CK 4 will be the ride through the spout to the end. The authors excellently bring all the various story-line paths of travel together by the end, and get the reader expectingly ready for what's next. And, being this series is a prequel to The Last Pilgrims, for you TLP fans, things start to take just a little more shape to that end.

It should be fun and interesting to see how everything that's going on at the end of W1CK 3 plays out in the next volume!

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(Thanks to Sue for the title of this blog post! :) )

-- David

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