Monday, April 15, 2013

Goat Milking Stand - Update I

Last year I built us another goat milking stand, and with it tried to add some extra bracing to the uprights, as we've had trouble with them getting loose with all of the goat activity while on the stand. Well, even with the extra materials and screws, the wood started to split and still come loose and get wobbly. Here is the split one:

Goat Milking Stand Loose Upright


And so, here's what I decided to do to try to help. I thought I'd add 2x4s along the sides of the base and then use plywood corners attached to those 2x4s and the uprights. Here are the cut-out parts:

Goat Milking Stand Upright Bracing Parts

And the 2x4 blocks in place:

Goat Milking Stand Bracing Block

And then the plywood corners attached:

Goat Milking Stand Plywood Corner Brace

Hopefully now this will hold better. Lord willing in several weeks we'll get to find out, as the results of breeding time are almost here!

-- David

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bayougirl said...

I can't wait to see your pictures if the Lord blesses you with some new baby goats! Since I am not able to have goats where I live, I am enjoying watching you raise yours.