Friday, August 23, 2013

Marriage Marker

Ten years ago today, the Lord graciously granted that Sue and I be married. It was a beautiful and joyous day for us. Our fathers married us; and since we wrote the ceremony, we had the opportunity to share the Gospel. Our prayer is the Lord was glorified and someone was benefited through it.

A lot has changed for us over the years. The Lord has continued to reaffirm and strengthen our belief in the doctrines of grace in us, and He brought us out from California to the middle of Texas to begin separating from the world, living under His direct provision, and amongst other like-minded folks in the hopes of learning to serve God and His people better. And we are so extremely grateful for this opportunity.

There have been trying times of life, but the Lord has been faithful in seeing us through them, and continues to.

I have always considered Sue a gift, and the Lord has been faithful in His gift of Sue, to me, and to her, as He's grown her in His graces; and it is my fervent prayer the He continues to and sees her all the way through her "progress" on the straight path via Christ all they way through Jordan in His faith upheld by His right arm of power to the eternal Sabbath with Christ.

By God's graces, Sue is one of the kindest, thoughtful and most caring people I know. She is always concerned for others, and goes out of her way to show it.

And the Lord has granted her a fervent desire to seek Him in His word, and He has granted that the things she learns about Him affect her life, her faith and her actions.

God has also granted that she be a loving, faithful and fervent help-meet, desiring and looking for ways to serve and obey her husband, as the Lord commands, and as a shining example of the type of the Church in service and obedience to Christ.

And she would be the first to admit that these things are of the Lord, and not herself, and that she still struggles against an active and aggressive carnal man. But God has granted she see the sin in her carnal self, and I've seen her abhorrence of it.

I am so very grateful for the Lord's granting of light and graces in Sue, and pray He continues that, for His glory and the benefit of His Church.

And I am so very grateful and humbled that God has granted her, a godly woman, to me. She is indeed a true gift. I pray I love her and will love her as Christ loves the Church, as the Lord commands.

We are so very thankful to the Lord for the time He has granted us together. It is our prayer that the Lord glorify Himself through our marriage, here and in the heavenly realms, and that He benefit His Church through us; and we humbly pray He grant us more of His graces, so that we may serve Him better and more properly. Amen.

-- David

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Providence's Perpetuation Provisions: Next Batch of Chicks 2013

At the end of our blog post on our first chick hatching of this year, I showed a broody hen in our mini tractor. Well, the Lord granted she sit on them to term, and she hatched out 9 chicks out of I believe 10 eggs!

And here they are, several weeks later. We had to move them to one of the summer kitchen pens because they were getting too big for the mini chicken tractor, and then the ants kept invading as well:

Second Chick Hatching of 2013 in Summer Kitchen

But, by the time I took that picture, they were getting almost too big for the summer kitchen pen, so I believe it was that same evening of the day I took that picture that I moved them out into the chicken pen area, which gives them more room and the opportunity to start doing chicken things on the outside, in the dirt and hopefully eating bugs:

Second Chick Hatching of 2013 in Chicken Pen

And here is their video:

And a couple of weeks ago, another hen went broody, and here she is, waiting patiently; and the chicks are due to hatch out in a day or two!

Second Chick Hatching of 2013 in Chicken Pen

We are very thankful to the Lord for granting the provisions of these new chickens, and we pray for a healthy hatching for the next broody hen in just a couple of days, Lord willing!

-- David

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

David's Digest: The End of the WICK

I mentioned in my review of the last volume, WICK 3: Exodus, that to me, the series was like a funnel, building in intensity, with this volume being the funnel spout. Well, in that last installment of the series, WICK 4: One Word of Truth, you definitely get shot through the spout, but right into a world of reality after a complete societal collapse and nuclear fallout. To me, Mr. Bunker and Mr. Awalt did their best to morbidly convey just how bad things could be, the difficulties people would face, and how everyone's lives would change dramatically.

Amidst the horrors, the action from the previous volumes continues, and the characters are further developed artfully, with an even more circumspect view from their perspectives, as one might imagine people would do when the world around them has been turned inside out. Again, the authors are masters of description, picture, and the mixing of story with action and information and things that make you think and reflect; and in the end, they bring the story around generally, although not entirely, to a close, including offering a glimmer of hope and direction for the survivors.

Once again, well-written, informational, with some deeper meanings woven throughout.

For those who might be interested in getting the whole set at once at a reduced price compared to getting each book separately, the authors are releasing the re-edited and updated omnibus version of the WICK series -- all 4 volumes in one book -- this weekend! For more information, see their Facebook page at

-- David