Tuesday, August 6, 2013

David's Digest: The End of the WICK

I mentioned in my review of the last volume, WICK 3: Exodus, that to me, the series was like a funnel, building in intensity, with this volume being the funnel spout. Well, in that last installment of the series, WICK 4: One Word of Truth, you definitely get shot through the spout, but right into a world of reality after a complete societal collapse and nuclear fallout. To me, Mr. Bunker and Mr. Awalt did their best to morbidly convey just how bad things could be, the difficulties people would face, and how everyone's lives would change dramatically.

Amidst the horrors, the action from the previous volumes continues, and the characters are further developed artfully, with an even more circumspect view from their perspectives, as one might imagine people would do when the world around them has been turned inside out. Again, the authors are masters of description, picture, and the mixing of story with action and information and things that make you think and reflect; and in the end, they bring the story around generally, although not entirely, to a close, including offering a glimmer of hope and direction for the survivors.

Once again, well-written, informational, with some deeper meanings woven throughout.

For those who might be interested in getting the whole set at once at a reduced price compared to getting each book separately, the authors are releasing the re-edited and updated omnibus version of the WICK series -- all 4 volumes in one book -- this weekend! For more information, see their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/wickbook.

-- David


Anonymous said...

T was surprised that the "preppers" faired badly in this series , but it did get me thinking about long term sustainability. This is something the prepping movement frequently forgets.

David and Susan Sifford said...

Yes, Mr. Bunker's focus is much more on long-term sustainability than what's thought of as typical preparedness.

Here's a little something he wrote on that:
The 5 Steps of Survival and Prepper Maturity

Also, if you search his blog, there are several articles along those lines (searching "prepper" or "preparedness" finds several).

-- David