Friday, October 25, 2013

Providence's Perpetuation Provisions: Fourth Batch of Chicks 2013

As we noted in the third hatching of chick the Lord granted us for this year, the mother hen that hatched out our second batch of chicks was broody; and by God's graces and mercies, here is the result! She hatched out three more chicks, but sadly a week or two ago, while spraying fire ants, I broke my own rule that I had made after the last time I lifted the mini-tractor when I crushed a chick, and ended up with the same result -- just stupid, and I knew better. And so now there are only two.

But we are thankful to the Lord for granting these He has granted! I have a feeling they're both roosters because their combs are already showing a little larger, but we'll see, Lord willing...

Fourth Batch of Chicks 2013
Another Pic of the Fourth Batch of Chicks 2013

And here is their video:

As always, we are so very grateful to the Lord for graciously perpetuating the flock, and may they bring glory to Him and benefit His Church in some way.

-- David

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