Thursday, February 19, 2015

Providence's Perpetuation Provisions: New Calf "Vinicio"

Apparently calf dropping time is upon us! Several weeks ago, Rosa strolled up to be fed with a new little calf by her side -- a little bull calf, that we're going to call Vinicio, which means "vine," because he's red, and wine is red and comes from the fruit of a vine. :)

Anyway, here is a picture of him, his daddy is on the left:

First 2015 Pure Longhorn Bull Calf Vinicio

And one with Rosa and I believe Manolito, Rosa's calf from last year (so Vinicio's big brother):

New Longhorn Calf Vinicio with His Mother and Brother

And here's a little video of him. I say he's a couple of months old in the video, but it's closer to one month:

We are grateful to the Lord for granting this first safe and healthy calf of the new year! And we are always thankful for His continued provisions, both spiritually and temporily.

-- David

Monday, February 9, 2015

A House - Update XXXI - External Wall Insulation

With the wood-burning stove in place, and the ceiling panels all up, the last major piece of the house-heating puzzle was the rest of the external wall insulation. We had already done the bedroom insulation some time back, but now it was time to complete the other rooms.

First, I went around and stuffed insulation in all of the door frame gaps using a shim:

Door Frame Insulation

And then I started working my way around the house, beginning with the great room living room:

Great Room Living Room Wall Insulation

Then behind the cook stove and into the kitchen. I also took the heat barrier we had been using for our barn stove and put it behind the house one:

Great Room Kitchen Wall Insulation & Heat Barrier Behind Wood-Burning Cook Stove

Through the rest of the kitchen:

More Great Room Kitchen Wall Insulation

And finally in the library:

Library Wall Insulation

And there it was! Ready for guests!

And here is a picture from outside showing the lamps and candles lit in the house for the first time we had the group over for a community meeting on a cold night!

First Cold Weather Community Meeting in Our House After House External Wall Insulation From Outside

And from inside with the camera flash before everyone got there:

First Cold Weather Community Meeting in Our House After House External Wall Insulation

Once again, we are most grateful to the Lord for supplying the resources for continuing the house, to those out there who have helped with them, and we are very thankful and excited to be able to finally host the group, and hopefully in a bit of comfort. Last year, we had to cancel some meetings because the community center stove pipe is rusted through, so we're glad we can now meet once again, to sing praises to God and learn about the Lord Christ, in unity together, we pray for His glory, even in colder weather!

May He grant us the heat of His charity in our hearts!

-- David