Friday, June 19, 2015

Goat Field Grass - Update I

The Lord graciously granted huge amounts of rain in May! Of course, this is great for plant life (as the Spirit's cleansing and nourishing water is for the soul!), and it really shows in the sorghum almum (Columbus grass) field we planted earlier in the year...

As a reminder, here was Sue planting at the time:

Sue Planting Grass Seed

And here is what God has granted as a result of His providence! Wow! Lord willing, the goat bucks in the video will soon be enjoying it, and the doggies, or at least Brodey, in the video are having fun running around in it -- he's soaked with dew every morning! :)

We're grateful to God for what He has granted with this grass, in helping us hopefully get further sustaining here on the land!

-- David


Vicky said...

Hello Mr & Mrs Sifford, that is incredible, how tall and thick that grass is, especially when you consider the size of a single seed that each plant would have grown from. :) Your dogs are just lovely, we also have border collies and find them to be great pets. How nice to see clear skies and sunshine as we here in Australia head into our winter now, thank you for sharing.

bayougirl said...

Wow! What a blessing to receive such abundant rainfall and growth. I'm glad your animals will have plenty of free food.

David and Susan Sifford said...

Amazing, isn't it, Mrs. Schreiber, the little seed into a large plant. May we grow spiritually, in our hearts with His graces (ie. the fruit of His Spirit, in love, longsuffering, meekness, etc.) as much as God might grant!

And yes, we like our doggies. We would very much like to let them run around free, but they track down and can hurt chickens and like to bite on the goats. I just haven't had good time to work with them more to train them....I am sorrowful about that for them. I do hope to some day though...

And yes, bayougirl, we are very grateful for all of the rain -- it has really helped heal the land after overgrazing combined with huge drought.

We're always thankful to the Lord for His graces and mercies.

Thank you both for saying hello!

-- David