Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trina the Turkey Gets Her New Beau Hank

After Trina the Spanish black heritage turkey showed up at our homestead one day, we were hoping to obtain a mate for her, to perhaps breed, but so also she wasn't alone.

Well, it just so happened that Heritage Road Farm , which is fairly close in our region, breeds heritage turkeys! So, we contacted them, and they graciously met us in Brownwood with this tom turkey, which because Ankara is the capital of Turkey, we decided to call Hank!

Hank the Heritage Tom Turkey

And here is a video of the big meet between them!

After this, Hank spent at least a couple of weeks following her around flared up like that, but has settled in a little more now, but still follows her around. :)

We're thankful to be able to have Hank here for Trina, and we pray they are beneficial to the homestead and the community!

-- David


Shannon said...

Gets out pencil and paper, adds turkeys to the list of animals the boys want to raise. :)

Thanks for sharing!

David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi Mrs. Stonger,

Ha! Sorry to put you all under such pressure. ;)

Until then, they can certainly come visit and look at them any time they want. :)

-- David

Ellen said...

Fun to watch, thanks for sharing.

David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi Ellen,

Thanks, and thanks for saying hello!

-- David

bayougirl said...

I'm happy you got Triple a a mate. I can't wait to see if you all are blessed with some turkey chicks :)

David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi bayougirl,

I'd be surprised, but perhaps, if the Lord wills. :)

Thanks for saying hi!

-- David