Friday, August 12, 2016

A House - Update XLIV - Entry & Bedroom Closets Siding & Bedroom Screen Door

The Lord granted we be able to continue on the house...

We added siding to the main entry closet:

Main Entry Closet

Main Entry Closet Siding from Great Room

Main Entry Closet Siding Other Side

Main Entry Closet Siding from Library

And then the bedroom closet:

Bedroom Closet Entry

Bedroom Closet Siding

And we put in the the bedroom screen door:

Bedroom Screen Door from Inside

Bedroom Screen Door from Outside

And with those, that's basically all of the major indoor construction complete! Wow.

We thank God for granting this by His graces, and thanks much to those who are making this possible!

-- David


gail said...

So happy for you. Each little job completed brings great satisfaction, especially when you do the work yourself. It's all looking so good. Having doors fitted on the closets will also help to keep things looking tidy and in their right place. Should also help to keep your home that bit warmer as your cooler months approach. We have had a mild winter here in our part of Australia and it looks like being an early spring for us, so we will be planting our summer veggies early this year, I think.
Blessings Gail.

David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi gail,

Thank you much...we are very thankful.

May God grant you an abundance this year, according to His will.

Thanks for saying hello!

-- David