Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Orchard - Summer 2016 - Plums & Pears

It was a very light winter this past one. While I'm not a cold-weather person, it also appears to perhaps have affected the productivity of the orchard. By God's graces, we almost always get peaches and nectarines, but nothing really this year. And we willingly submit to God's providence in these things.

However, we did get quite a few plums earlier in the year! Several buckets-full like this, which we just ate on the fly:

2016 Orchard Plums

And for the first time I think, other than maybe an odd one or two over the years, God granted a few pears! Yea!

2016 Orchard Pears

We are always thankful to the Lord for whatever He grants. We deserve to receive nothing, anything granted is by His graciousness, and we submit, agree with, and are thankful for His perfect will in this and all things.

-- David


Topher said...

David, I always admire and appreciate your heart and mindset of crediting God's sovereign provision in your lives.

Liberty Hill, TX

David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi Chris,

God's graciously granted we learn some of these things, and it is partially why we moved here -- to put ourselves more under the direct providence of Him.

Thanks for saying hello!

-- David

Anonymous said...

Such a blessing! So fun to see how much the beautiful homestead has progressed over time.

The G's

David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi G's,

Yes, we are very grateful and time God grants provisions.

Thanks for saying hello!

-- David