Friday, October 21, 2016

A House - Update XLVI - Kitchen, Great Room, Bathroom, Front Closet Cabinets & Fixtures, and Porch Swing

Just a little update on some continued progress on getting the house more livable...

Great Room/Kitchen

Here's a towel rack underneath the kitchen sink:

Kitchen Towel Rack

And a paper towel holder I found laying around here:

Kitchen Paper Towel Holder

These are the cabinets we decided to go with for flatware and cookware. We wanted something enclosed to help keep dust off of it all. We hope to add one or two more:

Kitchen Cabinets

And then something similar for the great room as a utility cabinet. We hope to add one or two more here as well:

Great Room Utility Cabinet


We moved into the bathroom some of the things we've had sitting around just waiting for this time. The sink cabinet we bought at a yard sale, and the water from the red water container that has a spigot just goes into a bucket, much like the kitchen sink:

Bathroom Cabinets & Sink

And a towel rack here too:

Bathroom Towel Rack

Front Closet

This is the front closet between the great room and library, and now we can hang our longer, cold-weather clothing here:

Front Closet Clothes Hanging Rod

Porch Swing

As I mentioned in our blog post on our wood burning cook stove, Sue and my parents have been very supportive of us in living out here, and one set of parents bought us the very nice porch swing! It has gone from being in the barn for years, to being in the bathroom in the house, and with starting to try to get the bathroom in order, rather than just move it to under the house in pieces, I thought I should just put it together. Sadly, I'm not sure why I didn't just put it together sooner. I still can't believe the mice didn't destroy the cushions and pillows while in the barn.

But, here it is in process of being built, with the frame done. It's very well made and solid:

Porch Swing Frame

And then complete!

Porch Swing Complete

And the test run in our work grubbies! :) It's a very nice porch swing, and thank you to the parents again for getting this for us!

David & Susan on Porch Swing

This was a walking stick that decided to hang out with us. Maybe it was waiting for a ride! :)

Walking Stick on Porch Swing

Once again, we are thankful to the Lord for providing these resources, and thanks again to those who are helping make all this possible!

-- David


Shannon said...

It's been really neat to see the Lord move things along at your place in His timing and power! And what a neat gift given in the swing. I think Ruthie says something about both that and the place y'all moved out the cactus in the path nearly every time we walk over there. :)

On a side note, between this post and Elijah's math lessons this week, I think I need to work on my Roman numerals. :)

Shabbat Shalom!

David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi Mrs. Stonger,

Thank you, and we are very grateful. Yes, the porch was indeed a very nice gift.

Glad Ruth enjoys to jaunts over here. :) We appreciate everyone being willing to "travel" to meetings.

I'm sure you know...the Puritan commentaries and writings can help with the Roman numerals too, since they use them for Bible book chapter numbers. :)

Thanks for saying hello, and please say hello to the family. Shabbat shalom to you all as well!

-- David