Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lullaby - Thank You Lord for This Day of Care

Not only did I have a little theme song for William our cat, which I was able to turn into a little lullaby, I also had one for our other cat Mimi.

Her lyrics were "Little Mimi, little Mi-mi-mi," etc., and I often sing it to her as I'm carrying her into the house at night. Wanting again to do something spiritual with it, and although it has some cha-cha-sounding syncopation in it when played a little faster, slowing it down made it sort of like a lullaby again to me, and being short like William's song, I put some quick lullaby-esqe words to it, and here is how this one turned out:

Thank You Lord for This Day of Care

Here's a PDF:
Lullaby - Thank You Lord for This Day of Care PDF

And this is a musical audio of the arrangement:
Lullaby - Thank You Lord for This Day of Care MP3

When I started to score it, I wasn't sure how to write the syncopation in measures two and four; even though they're technically 4/3 with the last two notes tied, that just seemed more complicated in trying to read it than to just write it out the way I did, a little more literally.

Anyway, as before, I'm pleased and thankful to be able to do a little something with the little tune the Lord granted. :)

We always pray the Lord glorify Himself through us in whatever way He may, and maybe even through a simple little melody!

-- David

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