Monday, May 8, 2017

Goodbye Augie

We introduced Augie our gander late in 2011 when we paired him up with Gigi our goose after Gary died. He was named after the divine Augustine (Au-goose-tine). :)

Sadly, they were never able to make goslings, and even more sad now, this past week, Augie died. He had been struggling with his legs for some time; I had been trying to give him joint supplements in case that helped, and we're not sure exactly what happened, but after several days of more labored breathing last week, he was gone.

Here is a video of him and Gigi from way back:

Goodbye Augie...

Augie Grave

We will miss and think fondly of you!

Augie Our Gander

We thank the Lord for allowing us this time with him! And maybe He will grant Gigi another mate...

-- David


Melissa said...

Dear David and Susan,

I am so sorry about the passing of Augie. How blessed he was to have had a wonderful home and to have had such love from you both.

God Bless!

Melissa Sue

David and Susan Sifford said...

Hi Melissa Sue,

Thank you much. We are thankful for the time the Lord allowed us to have him. :)

Thanks for saying hello!

-- David