Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A House - Update LI - Lower Siding, Update II

With the lower siding of the west side of the house installed, I started on the south side...

Here, the tar paper is up. Thanks again to Sue for the help!

House South Side Lower Siding Tar Paper

And then all of the siding on:

House South Side Lower Siding Complete

And from the other side:

Another View of House South Side Lower Siding

Since I was able to get a couple of extra panels with that month's budget, I was able to start on the east -- and final! -- side:

Starting East Lower Siding of House

And here we are continuing with the east side:

More East Lower Siding of House

I forgot that I was not supposed to grab a moving circular saw blade...oops. I am very thankful it wasn't worse:

Fingers After Grabbing Moving Circular Saw Blade

And here is the east side complete! Wow, all done with the lower siding! Thanks to the Lord for His provisions!

East Lower Siding of House Complete

East & North Sides of the House

Front of the House with Siding Complete

Once again, we are very thankful to God for granting the materials and physical strength to continue, and we again thank those who are making the house possible!

We always pray this house will be a place of worship to the Lord!

-- David

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