Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Providence's Perpetuation Provisions: 2019 6th Chick Hatching & Protective Mama

The Lord again graciously granted another set of chicks to be hatched out this 2019, 6th for the year -- 10 from a very protective mommy hen! And all 10 are still going today.

Here are a couple of pictures:

6th Hatching of 2019 Chicks

More of 6th Hatching of 2019 Chicks

And here's their video, including mama attempting to send me packing after I had to collect one of her chicks from outside the cage area! :D

As always, we thank God for these little gifts, and the continued provisions, and we pray for their continued health and safety, according to His will!

-- David

Monday, October 7, 2019

Garden - Summer 2019

Being 14 years here this year, we took a sabbath year off for the gardens, and took the opportunity to do a complete re-covering of mulch on top of the garden beds, having started this process of "forest bed" mulching, which is laying down the mulch so that it composts over time and helps keep in moisture, back in 2012.

One thing the Lord has graciously granted is that prickly lettuce, which is a wild lettuce, grow here.

And wow, did it grow here this year! All that jungle basically is prickly lettuce! But, I needed it weed-wacked, so I worked to that end:

Garden Overgrowth of Prickly Lettuce

Cutting Garden Overgrowth of Prickly Lettuce

And here's a quick video of that during that time:

And here it is after the fact:

Garden Mowing Completed

Then, it was time to cover it all:

New Mulch Layer on Garden 1

More New Mulch Layer on Garden 1

And then onto garden 2, which was overgrown the same way as garden 1. Once mowed, thankfully, I was able to cover it in only 4 trips:

Starting New Mulch Layer on Garden 2

Continuing New Mulch Layer on Garden 2

More New Mulch Layer on Garden 2

Garden 2 New Mulch Layer Complete

Finally, God has graciously granted a few volunteer sweet potato plants! We look forward, Lord willing, to maybe a few bonus side dishes! :D

Volunteer Sweet Potato Plants

We thank the Lord for the resources to accomplish all of this, and we pray He applies the mulch and all of the micro-biology that He provides in His creation!

-- David